PHOTOS from ISIS : በሊቢያ 28 ኢትዮዽያዊያን በአይ.ኤስ.አይ.ኤስ (ISIS) ተገደሉ:: 12ቱ ሲታረዱ 16ቱ በጥይት ተደብድበው ተገለዋል:: Islamic State released videos showing the killing of 30 Ethiopians in Libya

ISIS Raw Video appears to show the killing of Ethiopian Christians in Libya. click here for Raw Video ->,7340,L-4648543,00.html




አይ.ኤስ.አይ.ኤስ (ISIS) በአሜሪካ የተቋቋመ እና የሚረዳ የሽብር ቡድን ነው::

አይ.ኤስ.አይ.ኤስ (ISIS) በአሜሪካ የተቋቋመ እና የሚረዳ የሽብር ቡድን ነው::

Minilik Salsawi (ምንሊክ ሳልሳዊ) - አይ.ኤስ.አይ.ኤስ ISIS) ሃይማኖት የሌለው ገዳይ የአሸባሪዎች ስብስብ ነው::በሰው ልጆች ላይ በመካከለኛው ምስራቅ እና በአፍሪካ ለሚፈጸሙ ዘግናኝ ግድያዎች ተጠያቂ አሜሪካ እና በሰለጠነ መንገድ የምታቋቁማቸው የሽብር ድርጅቶች ናቸው::የአሜሪካ መንግስት ባለስልጣናት እየተደበቁ ወደ መካከለኛው ምስራቅ በረሃዎች በመግባት ከአልቃይዳ እና አይ.ኤስ.አይ.ኤስ(ISIS) አሸባሪዎች ጋር እንደሚገናኙ ያውቁ ኖሯል::አሸባሪዎቹ ከሶሪያ ነጻአውጪ ጦር የተመለመሉ የአሜሪካ ቅጥረኛች ናቸው:: ዘር ሃይማኖት እና ቀለም ሳይለዩ የሰው ልጆችን በማረድ ላይ የተሰማሩ አሸባሪ ድርጅቶች የነማን እንደሆኑ ይህንን ብሎግ ሲከፍቱ ከሶርያ በተገኙ መረጃዎች ዝርዝር ሃቁን ያገኙታል::

From the website, Friends of Syria: “Obama likes to call the Free Syrian Army (FSA) ‘moderate.’ But just like ISIS, members of the FSA have been raping, beheading, and butchering innocent civilians of all religions in Syria.”


According to Friends of Syria, the US Government is committing crimes against humanity, on Syrian citizens and then blaming the atrocities on President Bashar Al Assad. The reason? To overthrow the government by claiming that Assad was killing his own people. Fake demonstrations were organized within Syria by the US Ambassador Robert Ford and then the lies started with Obama and Clinton, continually stating that Assad is killing his own people and must go.

John McCain and Joe Biden slipped into Syria secretly with the help of the terrorist group to show their support to the terrorist group. John McCain can also be seen in a meeting with a leader of ISIS, while they were still known as FSA, which proves that FSA are now ISIS. See Beheadings in Syria not done by ISIS


Hillary Clinton created the so called ‘Friends of Syria’ meetings, to gather US allies, to discuss how to overthrow  President Al Assad and fund the FSA. Really they are the enemies of Syria, but like everything else the US  do they call black white. We are thankful she copied our name, because we are the true friends of Syria and her name guided everyone to our site. Really the biggest mistake Hillary Clinton has made.


At every ‘Friends of Syria’ meeting they agreed to give more and more money to the FSA. They even declared them the recognised government of Syria and planned massacres to kill innocent Syrians and then blame the government. As we now know the massacres have been proven to have been carried out by the FSA. Every ‘Friends of Syria’ meeting preceded, massacres, false flag events and chemical attacks.


The countries involved with the main funding are: USA, UK France, as well as Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The leaders that the US put into place of the so called opposition, kept resigning, until the very last one they found was a criminal and drug dealer. This the type of person the US think, would make a good president.


Crimes against Humanity of the FSA

The list of crimes by these terrorists is too long to write all, but since 2011 here are just a few. The FSA are who Obama is referring  to,  when he speaks about moderate terrorists. These monsters were created by Obama and he has been funding them for 3 years now. They linked up with Al Nusra and Al Qaeda and stopped using the FSA flag and started using the Al Qaeda flag at the beginning of the war.


The have killed over 120,000 (actually closer to 190,000) Syrian citizens and Obama has the nerve to call them friends of Syria. Friends of who in Syria? Friends only of the terrorists.

Once President Bashar Al Assad was re-elected by a landslide, the name FSA was not mentioned again in the media.

The FSA linked up with Al Nusra and Al Qaeda and together they were re-named ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State 


Since the Syria elections the name FSA was hardly used. It was replaced with Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and ISIL.  Still the same people, the same agenda the same warped brains, trying to force the Syrian people to live under Sharia law, by killing Christians and other minority groups. Destroying mosques, churches, world heritage sites and schools. Kidnapping Nuns and Bishops.